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Interested in starting Holistic Arts Practice?

Are you an experienced Holistic Arts Practitioner?

Interested in investing in others' gifts?

Join us in one of our next Gift Ticket™ Swap Meetup!


Our mission is to help more people thrive through Holistic Arts practice. To that end, the DSA Gift Ticket Swap™ Program proposes a new way to exchange our gifts with others, using Gift Tickets. Trusting that our needs will be met today and our wants, if not today, soon, helps us to express our best selves today and make a difference in improving the life experience on earth.


Join us and add your divine spark to the fire. The DSA membership is referral based and is free for the 1st year and thereafter, $100 per year membership due applies, payable yearly in advance and we accept your gift tickets in exchange.   The Gift Ticket Swap™ Meetup is held quarterly to create the opportunity to meet other DSA members.  

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