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Spreading Compassion to Create a More Peaceful, Joyful and Spiritually Abundant World!

Collaborating for the Joy of Healing &

Learning, and Realizing our Dreams

Denis Generalov

Latin & Ballroom Dance Teacher

Former ballroom DanceSport competitor. Former US National Champion. Could not continue in competition world due to an injury, turned to teaching since 2002

Denis was born in Russia, where his mother still teaches dance today. He began his Ballroom dance training at the age of 8, and by the time he was 10 he was actively competing in the Junior ranks. Earning the titles of Junior and later Youth Ballroom Champion of Southern Russia.

At the age of 16 Denis moved to the US, where he continued his dance training and competitive career. Denis and his partner Jolie have won a number of titles, including the U.S. National 10-Dance Championships (best in ballroom and latin). Denis has been teaching professionally since 2002.

Denis teaches both group classes and private lessons.

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