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Divine Spark Allies Project is about creating a more peaceful, loving and spiritually abundant world! 

If you want to share your story and vision with us, join us on this amazing adventure!

DSA Project is to create a technologically advanced online platform designed:

1) to provide Gift or Talent exchange, a new way of connecting & exchanging your gifts & talents, and meet your needs or desires 

2) to offer our membership for free  and to offer our services through gift exchange so that any members of our communities can participate in holistic healing through holistic arts practice. 

3) to manage the operation with a minimal overhead through 3-self managing activities: self-reliant, self-organizing and self-promoting

Join us and add your divine spark to the fire!  Share with us your story & vision of a better world!  

Why is this project important?

We need to expand the light of our divine spark on the planet.   

It is time to remind ourselves that things are changing, it is going to get better!  

There is a shift going on earth and things are starting to improve.  

We need to spread the word of joy and compassion to create a more peaceful, loving and spiritually abundant world; that is,

No war, no violence, no need for competition for survival because there is enough for all of us to live in abundance, 

With clean air, clean water, clean soil, clean energy and space for everyone where everyone thrives! 

 Let us believe it, let us envision it, and let us expect it!

We don't need to prove anyone wrong, 

We just need to come together and allow it to happen!


What is it?

Divine Spark Allies is a self -managing organization founded on the principles of integrity and transparency in all that we do, treating one another with respect and appreciation. Our mission is to help spread joy and compassion and work on creating a world where everyone thrives!

Why should I join DSA?

As a founding member, you will become part of the pioneering team:

a) to participate in the creation of Gift Exchange Platform, and

b) to envision a better world for co-creation

How much does it cost?

We are offering DSA membership for Free and you are welcome to add your spark and share your story and your vision of a better world.  Our intention is to provide our services based on gift or donation so that all members of our communities can participate in holistic healing through holistic arts practice.   Gift cards are welcome.   Scroll down below for more details on DSA project.

When can we expect to start using the DSA website & mobile applications?

Coming Soon!

What are the DSA member benefits?

Join us in the new way of connecting and sharing your gifts & talents!

Gifts or talents are something that every one of us is endowed with when we chose to come (back) to Earth to experience life in a human body, and they may well change and evolve with time.  And we feel fulfilled when we are sharing our gifts or talents with others and meet our needs & desires at the same time.  

We believe that everyone of us deserves the best that life offers and that there are abundant supply of all that we need & desire to live the life of our dreams.  

The DSA project is to build a platform to help our members to live the life of their dreams and fulfill the purpose of their gifts and talents by connecting and making sharing & exchanging between members easy and fun.

Who we are

Kyung Sun Yi-O'kelly

Owner of Healing & Yoga LLC dba Holistic Healing & Yoga and Divine Spark Allies

George Wong

 Advisor of Strategy & Finance and Traditional Martial Arts Practitioner

Seagan Yi-O'kelly

 Advisor of HR & Technology and Martial Arts Practitioner

Diana Ruschenbaum

Advisor of Information Technology and Administration

Steve Millan

 Advisor of Healing space and Psychotherapist/Clinical Social Worker

Darek Lebek

Advisor of Youth Outreach Program and the Owner of Bayside Seido Karate & Life Skill


Sandra Vela

Advisor of Organizational Management and Mastery Facilitator

Brian Kurtz

Vision Contributor, Healer, Medical intuitive Spirit Guided vessel at Healed by Spirit

Our Partners

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