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Divine Spark Allies (DSA) 

Terms of Service

Proposal  for DSA Individual Members


The minimum age required to apply for DSA membership is 21 years old.


These terms of service are proposed by Holistic Healing & Yoga LLC, dba Divine Spark Allies, and we welcome your feedback.


Based on the information you provide in the DSA membership application questionnaire and gift ticket specification, we will set up your gift profile on a DSA webpage.  And if you choose to provide the specific gift tickets or gift card brands and/or their categories that you will consider for a swap/exchange, we will use that information along with your gift tickets to locate your potential swap partner(s) and notify you if and when we do so.


There is no fee charged when you issue your own gift tickets, and make it available for swap/exchange on DSA website nor when you accept the gift ticket swap/exchange request.   Only after the 1st year of free trial membership, the $100 annual membership dues are payable in advance for which we accept your gift ticket in exchange.


Once you complete the questionnaire and the gift specifications, an email will be sent to you within 7-10 days with the proposed DSA member page, and only when we receive your approval, the content of your DSA member page will be published.


Herewith the Best Wishes for You and we look forward to Welcoming You on Board.


 Questions or Comments?  Email 

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