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DSA Membership Application Process

1. Schedule an appointment with Kyung for a video or audio call (30min), and  complete DSA Individual Gift Provider membership application form along with your gift ticket specifications & your wants.  After submitting the application, look out for email with your initial draft of DSA member profile page within 7-10 days.


2. Once you have received your draft of DSA member profile page, click below to approve the content for publication or request change.  After your approval of your profile page, look out for email with the link to issue your gift tickets.  Your gift tickets must be issued prior to making a request for swap/exchange.

DSA Gift Ticket Swap/Exchange Process

The Swap refers to the transaction process of directly transferring ownership of gift tickets of equal value while the Exchange refers to the same process but for gift tickets of unequal values where the gift ticket with a higher value is reduced (or discounted) to match the value of the other gift ticket.

1. Find your potential Swap/Exchange partner by browsing through the DSA member lists and available gift tickets for a swap/exchange.

2.  Make your request for a swap/exchange

NB If the acceptance reply is received from your swap partner, you will be notified by email with the updated ownership of gift tickets, otherwise you can always make another request.

3. Update Redemption Status of your Gift Ticket and/or Provide feedback on your experience so far.

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